Strut & Fret in association with Laughing Stock Productions present
Heath Franklin's Chopper
Bogan Jesus


Thu 22 Mar ● 6:30pm


GA $40 ● Conc. $35

In the beginning, God created the moustache…and it was good. Then he took the next 6 days off, because when you’ve nailed it, treat yourself to a lie-down.

The world has had religion ever since God was in nappies, and what have we got to show for it: wars, terrorist attacks and Christian rock. It’s time religion took a hard look at itself, so Chopper is starting his own one, in his own image and giving hell to the almighty.

There is a new ‘mo-ssiah’ for a new age and he’s holier than Oscar Pistorius’ bathroom door.  Thou shalt harden up and become a Chopostle! So gather round and be healed by Bogan Jesus!

“This is a top hour of uproariously entertaining comedy…packed with good gags and ‘so wrong its right’ moments” ★★★★ Chortle UK


60 Mins