The Aspie Hour

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WINNER - Green Room Award - Best Writing in a Cabaret
NOMINATED - Green Room Award - Best Ensemble in a Cabaret



Be transported somewhere over the spectrum to New York City in The Aspie Hour; an irreverent and inventive cabaret that tackles the many misconceptions about being an ‘Aspie’ today.

Sophie Smyth, who was diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of thirteen, and Ryan Smedley, diagnosed at the age of six, are a fresh, dynamic duo who combine storytelling and songwriting with their own experiences.

Connecting with Aspies and neurotypicals alike, The Aspie Hour blows away misconceptions about Asperger’s Syndrome. Ryan and Sophie explore what it’s like to be Aspie through the prism of their identical love: musical theatre. Actually, ‘love’ doesn’t touch the sides. Try ‘obsession’. If music theatre were a celebrity, they’d be going through its rubbish.

Together they flail through misread social cues, exhibit awkward behaviours particularly around mating, and sing the hell out of everything. Ryan shares his solo trip to New York City with original songs, illustrating the battles he had dealing with his demons. Sophie explores her own spectacular range of psychological issues by framing her life as a musical.

Merrily performed and wickedly entertaining, the show resonates with everyone who has courage, a brain, and a heart.


Suitability Rated: PG

Presented by: Strut & Fret in association with Sophie Smyth & Ryan Smedley